Nordic Academic Press — works for informed discussion

Nordic Academic Press was founded in 1997 and became an independent publishing house in January 2018. We pride ourselves in making books of the highest quality, and it is important for us to promote their content. Our authors work hard to present their findings, and our role is to place their texts in relevant settings, not only in academia. They deserve the widest possible audience, fuelling public debate with facts and fresh insights. We publish around twenty new titles a year, and do our utmost to ensure our books live up to top standard — the best scholarship, clearly expressed, in an elegant layout and transparent expression.

You can find our titles in English by clicking the tab ’Böcker’ (Books), then choose category ’Books in English’ in the column to the right.

Our backlist has a strong focus on the humanities – history, anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, classical studies, literature and linguistics – with additional works in related disciplines such as political studies, sociology, and art and gender studies. We publish works in Swedish and English by Swedish and sometimes Nordic scholars for a Nordic and inter­national circle of readers.

NAP changed representation outside of the Nordic countries in 2022 and joined Casemate with distribution and marketing hubs in the US through Casemate Academic, and Oxbow Books in the UK. By doing so we enhanced our presence globally with a new ebook strategy, and simultaneously upgraded our marketing reach as our new partners are well matched to our publication list as well as the disciplines we are most active in. You can find out more about our partners at for UK and for US interest.

Our ebooks can be found on any of the major online sites for digital books, such as Amazon, Kobo or Google – all depending on which country you are in.

We teamed up with EBSCO Information Services many years ago to further our ebook distribution to academic libraries and institutions.

Our main warehouse and distributor is Förlagssystem in Falun, Sweden. Our books can be ordered through all standard bookshop databases, Google Play, offline and online booksellers, and our website (delivery in Sweden only). We are also a partner of Google Books so our titles and books’ keywords and content and can be found through their search engines.