Admiral Sir John Norris

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and the British Expeditions to the Baltic Sea 1715–1727


David Denis Aldridge

Admiral Sir John Norris is one of the less well-known British Admirals; nevertheless, he is a fascinating and important man. Norris commanded British expeditions in the Baltic Sea in 1715-1727, nearly a hundred years before Horatio Nelson sailed these waters. Norris led the expeditions during the critical final years of the Great Northern War. The British naval presence in the Baltic did not result in any spectacular battles, but it was important for Britain’s diplomacy and trade with the powers around the Baltic seaboards.

In Admiral Sir John Norris David Denis Aldridge combines diplomatic and naval history, thoroughly researching archives of logs and letters, which makes for an original scholarly achieve meant. Norris served as a navy officer, but also as a representative of his king in foreign territory. George I:s dual role as King of England and Elector of Hanover placed him in a complicated political situation in relation to the Northern powers. Admiral Norris succeeded in navigating between the different interests of Sweden, Denmark and Russia, and Aldridge reveals a commander of clear-headed judgement who played a significant role in upholding Britain’s commercial relations by convoying merchantmen between the British Isles and the Baltic.

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David Denis Aldridge (1928-2008), received his PhD from the University of London (1971) and was a Lecturer in History at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne from 1967 until his retirement in 1993. He published a number of articles on British naval history and economic relations between Britain and the Baltic in the early modern period. He was Chairman of the Nordic History Group of the United Kingdom until he passed away.




David Denis Aldridge


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Admiral Sir John Norris: and the British Expeditions to the Baltic Sea 1715–1727