Global Care Work

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Gender and Migration in Nordic Societies


Lise Widding Isaksen (red.)

Global Care Work is a unique study of gender and migration. Written by researchers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, this anthology brings the Nordic example to the international debate on how globalization affects and commercializes women’s traditional work. The authors uncover some uncomfortable facts about new ethnic hierarchies, social class and gender discrimination in their countries.

The Nordic societies have a long history of active policies on gender equality and social welfare for all. But today families can ‘outsource’ gender equality conflicts to the global market,and on a national level the authorities can use migration policy to adjust to the needs of the labour market.

The authors present empirical research on the lives of care workers, sex workers and au pairs, their families, and the social and legal migration regulations. Global Care Work critically examines the effects of new migration patterns and globalization on the egalitarian ideologies in the Nordic countries. The book makes essential reading for those interested in migration, care work and gender issues.


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Global Care Work: Gender and Migration in Nordic Societies